• The Simple Network Paging Protocol (SNPP) is one of the two recommended methods of connection to the American Messsaging paging network for automated (server-to-server) connections, software clients, and customers requiring time critical delivery of messages. SNPP requires the use of Port 444 which is not typically open or allowed by all enterprise firewalls.

  • An additional benefit of the SNPP protocol is its ability to provide confirmed reception by the American Messaging paging network. Note, this is not a confirmation that the pager has received the message, rather this is confirmation that the American Messaging paging network has received the message. Because American Messaging cannot guarantee that a pager is within a coverage area, turned on and functioning properly, there is no guarantee that a message will be delivered to the paging device once it has been received by our network.

  • The following sections describe how to connect to the American Messaging paging network via SNPP. See below for messaging examples utilizing an SNPP connection.

  • For a complete copy of the SNPP Request For Comment (RFC) visit the Internet FAQ Consortium's RFC archive at

American Messaging Network SNPP Address:, port 444