RAVENAlert™ Keychain - Campus Emergency Alert

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The RAVENAlert™ Keychain notifies students and staff of a campus emergency within 20 seconds…

To effectively communicate during an emergency a new alert system has been deployed on campuses across the United States. This dedicated, 24/7, emergency only system, monitored by Campus Security, provides immediate and simultaneous alerting making sure students, faculty and staff are informed about what has happened, what they should do and where they should go. To receive these alerts students require the RAVENAlert™ Keychain, which emits a loud, audible alert, and vibration upon receipt of an emergency message.

Your RAVENAlert™ device tunes into a umbrella network that blankets the entire campus 24/7 that delivers an alert message immediately. Cell phones, your RAVENAlert™ Keychain and wall units, computers, electronic signs and loudspeakers are all invaluable tools your safety team uses to keep everyone safe and sound on our campus.

How the RAVENAlert™ Keychain Works

The RAVENAlert™ Keychain snaps easily on your backpack, costs less than one of your
textbooks and WILL notify you in the event of a serious campus emergency within 20 seconds of dispatch.

When an emergency message is sent, you will:
• Hear a loud alert
• Feel a vibration
• Read the emergency message…all at once.

After the initial message has gone out, campus security will send subsequent messages to inform you about what to do next. Because this new technology is based on a proven, reliable wireless system that hospitals have relied on for decades, you can be confident that you WILL get the message.

RAVENAlert™ Keychain - Your State-of-the-Art Notification Device

We love our cell phones but we know their faults – which only get worse during an emergency. Cell phones are linear and designed for one-to-one communication. A sudden flood of emergency calls can shut them down completely. That’s why your universities rely not only on cell phones but also a dedicated emergency notification system..

When an emergency is imminent – for example, severe weather, bomb threat, fire, shooting – your campus security office will send a message to every RAVENAlert™ Keychain that will be received within 20 seconds of dispatch. Even if your cell phone networks gets clogged you will receive warnings and instructions on your dedicated RAVENAlert™

Cell phones do serve a role in notification but with two totally independent and redundant systems (one of them totally dedicated to emergencies) working side by side, you can be assured of timely notification no matter what the circumstances are. Trust the alert system technology that tens of thousands of emergency personnel currently rely on and your public safety officials have tested and endorsed – the RAVENAlert™ keychain.

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