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IntelliGuard Systems™ Adds Flash Drive to RAVENAlert™ Keychain to Better Integrate Campus Safety and Campus Life                  

LEWISVILLE, TX - March 29, 2011 – Coming on the heels of its recent announcement that six universities, including USC, successfully completed tests of its emergency alert solution, IntelliGuard Systems™ has unveiled its second generation RAVENAlert keychain – the first emergency alert device to include a flash drive.

At its core, the RAVENAlert Flash Drive is the personal component of a dedicated wireless alert system that simultaneously delivers emergency messages to unlimited recipients on campus, in less than 20 seconds.  With the addition of a 4GB flash drive, the RAVENAlert keychain provides added functionality, effectively turning it into an active component in a student’s daily campus life.

“Initial reaction to our first generation emergency alert system has been overwhelmingly positive.  However, as we continue to evolve our technology we’re focusing on ways that can better integrate campus safety with the everyday needs of a student.  By incorporating a memory stick into the keychain device, we’re giving students an added reason to have their RAVENAlert device with them at all times,” said Dave Andersen, President and Chief Operating Officer of IntelliGuard Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of American Messaging Services. 

Function and Form Meet in a Flash

A sleek looking device that is the size and weight of a standard thumb drive, the next generation RAVENAlert Flash Drive is customized with a school’s logo and comes pre-loaded with important school documents, such as the student handbook. 

Additional features of the RAVENAlert Flash Drive include:

  • A digital clock that can be utilized in class while cell phones are required to be silenced
  • A rechargeable battery
  • A Metal ring so the device can be attached to a lanyard, keys or a book bag

“In developing this second generation keychain, we focused on new features that would be attractive to both students and school administrators. For instance, by loading important documents onto the RAVENAlert Flash Drive, schools can save money on printing and distribution, while improving their campus’ carbon footprint, which is an issue that ranks high among students’ concerns,” adds Andersen.  “We’re also helping schools set up RAVENAlert retail programs with area merchants who are happy to promote school safety by offering discounts to students who carry their keychain.”

Reaching an Entire Campus Community in Seconds

In contrast to cellular-based systems, IntelliGuard’s advanced wireless network protocol, which is based on an amended, but proven technology previously used in the paging industry, unifies all intended recipients so that emergency alerts can be received by an unlimited number of people and places at the same time in seconds, as opposed to minutes or even hours.

The IntelliGuard System  is a private, turnkey solution that includes dedicated wireless transmitters, streamlined dispatch software and alert devices, called RAVENAlert™, that are dedicated and specific to each campus and its students.  

RAVENAlert devices display text, emit sounds and/or words, vibrate and display a flashing light as part of their alert arsenal.  Unlike cell phones, which often are required to be turned off in class, RAVENAlert devices always remain on.   Alerts are delivered to:

  • RAVENAlert Flash Drive, a personal receiver that can be worn or carried by every member of a college community.
  • RAVENAlert Wall Unit, a wall-mounted or free-standing device in classrooms, dorm rooms, etc.
  • RAVENAlert LED Display, a 53-inch digital sign for large campus venues.

About IntelliGuard Systems™

IntelliGuard Systems, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Messaging Services, LLC, a wireless ”first responder” messaging company with 30 years of experience designing immediate alert systems for hospitals, fire stations and other emergency professionals who deal with life-and-death situations every day.

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IntelliGuard Systems™, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Messaging, LLC based out of Lewisville, Texas. American Messaging, is the second largest traditional paging company in the United States. With over 1.2 million customers providing a wide range of paging services.

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