Introducing RAVENAlert™ Devices – Campus Edition

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Will you be able to protect your students, faculty and staff in an emergency?

On April 16, 2007 on the campus of Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia, two students were given the “all clear” after a shooting in the dorms. They walked to their class two hours later, where this same shooter killed 32 people and wounded others. The two students were among the 32 who died that day.

As a first responder you know that your job is to not only to get people out of harm’s way but to keep them out of harm’s way. This requires an intelligent messaging system that provides not only an individual alert but also instructions within 20 seconds.

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The IntelliGuard System™ is the fastest, and only mass alert offering on the market today that can send one message to thousands of devices simultaneously in under 20 seconds. Due to the innovative technology of IntelliGuard’s RAVENAlert™, products, it is now possible for areas like classrooms to be protected by RAVENAlert ™ wall units and for individuals to be protected by RAVENAlert™ keychain devices. These units provide fast, intelligent, panic-free, messaging and updates from the first moment of the emergency to the final all clear.

For the last several decades, hospitals and emergency responders have depended on the same system used by RAVENAlert™ devices for emergency notification. Time and time again, this simultaneous broadcast technology has proven to be significantly faster and more reliable than cell phones, texting, sirens, e-mails, and the media in emergency situations. Now with the RAVENAlert™ and the IntelliGuard System™ you can reach whole areas (wall unit) in harm’s way or each and every individual (keychain unit) on campus.

College Campuses Are Sitting Ducks

Nowhere in our society do you find such a large group of people so exposed and vulnerable to outside attack. Terrorists, gunmen, predators, rapists or natural threats can wreak havoc quickly. Your campus most likely has fine police protection. What if your campus police could guide people away from harm’s way and usher them to safety with simultaneous messages that take less than 20 seconds to arrive? Cell phones and texting bog down to a standstill. Sirens evoke panic and confusion. E-mails are far too slow. Only RAVENAlert™ guides your people to safety.

Is this a new technology?

This proven system backed by American Messaging serving 1.2 million customers, one of the two largest paging companies in the world, is the basis of the IntelliGuard System™.  Dedicated to safeguarding your community, American Messaging developed the RAVENAlert™ devices to further support first responders in their effort to save lives.

The IntelliGuard System provides

1.The powerful IntelliGuard Systems™ network is built for rock solid coverage in every area of your campus. You will have your own independent, private channel as well as electrical backup for all RAVENAlert™ equipment – no dependence on the grid.

2. Installation and maintenance of the IntelliGuard System™. RAVENAlert™ units are strategically positioned throughout your campus. The wall mounted units, upon activation, provide a piercing alarm sound, audible instructions, flashing light and a text message on the backlit LED screen of the unit.

3. Tailored purchase and distribution plans to meet the needs and processes of your school.

4. Orientation, training, and ongoing support for the life of your system. We help you develop an emergency response matrix and instruct you on all the features and benefits of your RAVENAlert™ devices.

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IntelliGuard Systems™, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Messaging, LLC based out of Lewisville, Texas. American Messaging, is the second largest traditional paging company in the United States. With over 1.2 million customers providing a wide range of paging services.


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