IntelliGuard Systems™ Background

The issue of security and personal safety on US college campuses is a serious concern for students, faculty and parents. College executives must also take heed as they are not immune from civil liability claims for wrongful death lawsuits stemming from campus emergency situations.

High profile campus shootings such as those at Virginia Tech and the University of Texas in Austin have become all too familiar, prompting a need for faster and more effective security alert communication systems on college campuses.

According to a recent survey conducted by Kelton Research, only 4 out of 10 parents of college bound students think that college campuses are adequately safe.  With over 4,000 colleges and universities existing in the US today and student populations ranging from the hundreds to the tens of thousands, the need to effectively protect on-campus communities has become a pressing national issue.

Unfortunately the emergency alert systems in place at most colleges today don’t work. Though these systems comply with the Clery Act – the federal statute that requires institutions to give timely warnings of events that represent a threat to the safety of students or employees – most do so utilizing SMS/text and email-based technology that delivers messages sequentially over multiple, commercial cellular networks.

Yet, according to 4G Americas, a wireless industry trade association, cellular-based messaging systems are inherently incapable of delivering potentially life-saving messages to everyone on a campus, simultaneously in seconds.  This is because these alerts are sent sequentially, so that the more messages sent the greater the time gap between delivery and receipt of those messages.

In addition the challenge of coordinating alerts across multiple carriers means these cellular-based networks can quickly become overburdened and remain that way throughout emergency situations. As a result, while some recipients may get an initial message in a reasonable time, many recipients will not and additional messages, each with critical information, will be delayed, lost, or delivered out of order.

Additional issues such as cellular dead zones, blocked cell phone signals, and classroom cell phone rules make SMS/text and email-based systems unworkable and ineffective for mission critical situations.

IntelliGuard Systems: A Better Emergency Alerting Solution

IntelliGuard Systems™ brings the same wireless technology used in life-and death situations by hospitals and emergency first-responders to college campuses.  Providing the fastest and most reliable emergency alert system today, IntelliGuard Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Messaging Services, LLC, a wireless “first responder” messaging company with 30 years of experience.

IntelliGuard Systems’ advanced wireless network protocol unifies all intended recipients of an emergency message under one address so that emergency messages are received by an unlimited number of people and places simultaneously in 20 seconds or less, as opposed to minutes or even hours.

Designed Specifically For Campus Environments

IntelliGuard Systems broadcasts critical messages through a dedicated wireless alerting network specific to each university.  The system was designed to overcome the challenges of delivering simultaneous emergency alerts to anyone on a college campus, no matter where they’re located.

Those challenges include:

  • The inherent delay caused by the sequential, rather than simultaneous delivery of messages
  • Students having to silence or turn off their cell phones during class or when they’re in the library
  • Reaching into dead zones, such as school laboratories that may be constructed with building materials that cell phone signals can’t penetrate
  • A large and significantly dispersed population where community members can be anywhere from sports stadiums to student housing to faculty conference rooms at any one time
  • A broad range of campus settings, from extremely urban to rural, where cellular networks can easily be overwhelmed or are non-existent

Providing a Complete Emergency Alert Solution

The IntelliGuard System  is a private, turnkey solution that includes dedicated wireless transmitters, streamlined dispatch software and alert devices, called RAVENAlert™ that are dedicated and specific to each campus and its students.  

RAVENAlert devices display text, emit sounds and/or words, vibrate and display a flashing light as part of their alert arsenal.  Unlike cell phones, which often are required to be turned off in class, RAVENAlert devices always remain on.   Alerts are delivered to:

  • RAVENAlert Keychain, a memory-stick-sized receiver that can be worn or carried by every member of a college community.
  • RAVENAlert Wall Unit, wall-mounted or free-standing in classrooms, dorm rooms, etc.
  • RAVENAlert LED Display, a 53-inch digital sign for large campus venues.

Campus Tested, University Approved

IntelliGuard Systems recently tested RAVENAlert on six college campuses, including University of Southern California (USC), Providence College, Stetson University, Texas Southern University, Drexel University and Bentley University. Now the company is making its high speed emergency alert solution available to colleges across the country in time for the fall 2011 semester.

More information on IntelliGuard Systems and RAVENAlert can by found by visiting www.intelliguardsystems.com

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IntelliGuard Systems™, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Messaging, LLC based out of Lewisville, Texas. American Messaging, is the second largest traditional paging company in the United States. With over 1.2 million customers providing a wide range of paging services.



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