IntelliGuard Systems™ At A Glance

Company Description               
IntelliGuard Systems (www.intelliguardsystems.com) provides emergency alert systems to college campuses using the same wireless technology utilized in life and death situations by hospitals and emergency responders.

Advanced Paging Protocol      
IntelliGuard Systems uses an amended but proven technology previously used in the paging industry that unifies all intended recipients so that emergency alerts can be received in less than 20 seconds by an unlimited number of people and places at the same time.

Dedicated Wireless Network 
IntelliGuard Systems offers a closed or private method of communication, comprised of dedicated wireless transmitters, streamlined dispatch software and alert devices called RAVENAlert.  Messages go from dispatch to recipients simultaneously without interference in less than 20 seconds.

Location-Based and Mobile Devices
RAVENAlert devices display text, emit sounds and/or vibrate and display a flashing light as part of their alert arsenal.  Unlike cell phones, which often are required to be turned off in class, RAVENAlert devices always remain on.   Alerts are delivered to;

  • RAVENAlert Keychain, a memory-stick-sized receiver that can be worn or carried by every member of a college community.
  • RAVENAlert Wall Unit, wall-mounted or free-standing in classrooms, dorm rooms, etc.
  • RAVENAlert LED Display, a 53-inch digital sign for large campus venues.

IntelliGuard Management         
J. Roy Pottle, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Dave Andersen, President and Chief Operating Officer
Jenna Richardson, Vice President, Product Development

Parent Company                           
Based in Lewisville, TX, American Messaging Services, LLC is a wireless “first responder” messaging company with 30 years of experience designing immediate alert systems for hospitals, fire stations and other emergency professionals who deal with life-and-death situations every day.

Jenna Richardson
(602) 448-0396 

IntelliGuard Systems™, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Messaging, LLC based out of Lewisville, Texas. American Messaging, is the second largest traditional paging company in the United States. With over 1.2 million customers providing a wide range of paging services.



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